August 7, 2020

The Northwest's Largest Indoor Car Show & Swapmeet
My History

Sometime around 1995 I purchased my first Volkswagen a 1990 G60 Corrado from Chaplin’s Volkswagen . I joined a band of misfits and started to hang out with a bunch of Volkswagen guys. Weekends were always the same, drink beer, shine the cars, add parts, and wait for SpringMeet. A few years later and on to another car I was hooked. I love to modify Volkswagens with friends and go to cars shows. I think it was in 1997 I became a club member in Northwest VW Club and started to help with this show and many others as well. I took the challenge and ran the event for Northwest VW Club the final years that Springmeet was at Puyallup Fair Grounds. The following year my wife and I started our family and I was not able to dedicate the time it took to run Springmeet. A few years later the end of Springmeet happened.

A year went by and I approached the club if I could acquire the rights to put on the show and revise it. We came to an agreement the event was brought back as PNW Springmeet. This was the first event for Happenstance Event Productions

Show History

Show was started by Northwest VW Club in 80’s later moved to Puyallup  . Last show was later at Enumuclaw Fair Grounds 2010

NorthWest VW Club History

Founded in 1968 by a group of dedicated Volkswagen lovers who all share the same passion. Yes for many years there were only air cooled VWs. As the automotive world changed so have the interests of the club and it’s members. It doesn’t matter if it’s air or water cooled, it’s a Volkswagen, and we invite membership and participation of all enthusiasts. Some call it a sickness, we call it a passion!

The NWVWC has promoted many events open to the general public, starting with our first Bug-In in the 70’s. Half Carshow, half Drag Racing. All VW! With the success of this event we added a show in early spring / late winter and Wintermeet was born. Later evolving into Springmeet. Because of the changes at the fairgrounds we have tried several venues but none as successful as the old WWFG.

Thanks to The XXX Root Beer Drive-In of Issaquah we now organize two totally free shows to honor all of the hard work our members have done over the years, to help keep this passion alive for all of us. One show in early spring and the second in late fall. Come rain or shine we will be there and hope you will be as well.