August 8, 2020

The Northwest's Largest Indoor Car Show & Swapmeet


Griot’s Garage started out, quite conveniently, in my garage back in 1988. Being frustrated at the lack of high quality products to set up the perfect garage, whether that included the finest car care to take care of my vehicles, or a concrete floor paint that didn’t lift up when you drove over it, no one was offering it. Two years went by and I said, “I can’t believe no one else is entering this market! Everyone seems to be excluding the guy that eats, sleeps and squanders his hard earned cash on cars… and there is no one there to offer high quality products to fan the flames of his passion!!!

So here we were, in 1990, selling everything an automotive enthusiast would want and items that they didn’t even know existed! So in October 1990, we introduced to the catalog buying world, the first padded lay-down creeper. You probably find this hard to believe, but 23 years ago uncomfortable wooden creepers, with steel wheels that wouldn’t roll over anything, was the norm! We also offer non-lifting garage floor paint, environmentally friendly car care, and unique, quality tools from Europe that were unavailable here in the States.


Since 1994 we’ve provided Volkswagen enthusiasts in the Puget Sound, the greater Pacific Northwest, and worldwide with outstanding service and unique, high-quality products. From world-renowned narrowed beams to custom-built Porsche disc brake kits and roll cages, we have and can do it all. 877-251-1999 toll free


 Owned and operated by local enthusiasts who share the passion for the VW experience.Avery’s is located less than an hour north of Portland, Oregon.  We carry parts from air-cooled Bugs, Buses, Fastbacks, Squarebacks, Ghias as well as both air and water-cooled Vanagons. All of our parts cars are sheltered, so they are no longer out in the weather.

Averys Aircooled – Used VW Parts


Air-Zenith is a world-class manufacturer for high performance 12-Volt 200-psi air ride compressors, air suspension parts and accessories. A sophisticated, modern internal operation provides the highest level of quality & cost control, while still allowing for flexibility to meet customer’s needs as they arise.



Founded in 1968 by a group of dedicated Volkswagen lovers who all share the same passion. Yes for many years there were only air cooled VWs. As the automotive world changed so have the interests of the club and it’s members. It doesn’t matter if it’s air or water cooled, it’s a Volkswagen, and we invite membership and participation of all enthusiasts. Some call it a sickness, we call it a passion!

The NWVWC has promoted many events open to the general public, starting with our first Bug-In in the 70’s. Half Carshow, half Drag Racing. All VW! With the success of this event we added a show in early spring / late winter and Wintermeet was born. Later evolving into Springmeet. Because of the changes at the fairgrounds we have tried several venues but none as successful as the old WWFG.