December 14, 2019

The Northwest's Largest Indoor Car Show & Swapmeet



Photos and Words by Mike Tolliver

Its a perfect three day weekend and we have been remembering the fallen on this Memorial day. I’ve been invited for year to Curt Kolars event and for one reason of another I haven’t been able to make it up. Even though I was in Woodburn the day before nothing was going to stop me from running up to how this all was.

Addison and I loaded up and took off for Everett. Upon arrival I saw that parking would be a hassle. Lucky we found a spot near the court house and took off on foot. Me with my DSLR and Addison with her leapPad.


As we walked up to VW Ally we saw this amazing Yellow Bus, I stood and viewed for twenty minutes.

_MG_6505 _MG_6504 _MG_6503 _MG_6502 _MG_6501 _MG_6500

Lots of friends on display and I took the opportunity to snap lots of shots.

_MG_6579 _MG_6578 _MG_6577 _MG_6575 _MG_6574 _MG_6573 _MG_6572 _MG_6571 _MG_6570 _MG_6568 _MG_6567 _MG_6566 _MG_6565 _MG_6564 _MG_6563 _MG_6562 _MG_6561 _MG_6560 _MG_6559 _MG_6558 _MG_6557 _MG_6556 _MG_6555 _MG_6554 _MG_6553 _MG_6552 _MG_6540 _MG_6538 _MG_6537 _MG_6535 _MG_6534 _MG_6533 _MG_6532 _MG_6531 _MG_6530 _MG_6529 _MG_6528 _MG_6525 _MG_6524 _MG_6523 _MG_6522 _MG_6521 _MG_6520 _MG_6519 _MG_6518 _MG_6517 _MG_6516 _MG_6515 _MG_6514 _MG_6513 _MG_6512 _MG_6511 _MG_6510 _MG_6508 _MG_6507 _MG_6506 _MG_6505 _MG_6504 _MG_6503 _MG_6502 _MG_6501 _MG_6500 _MG_6499 _MG_6498 _MG_6497 _MG_6496 _MG_6495 _MG_6494 _MG_6493 _MG_6492 _MG_6491 _MG_6490 _MG_6489 _MG_6488 _MG_6487 _MG_6486 _MG_6485 _MG_6484_MG_6552 _MG_6553 _MG_6554 _MG_6555 _MG_6556 _MG_6557 _MG_6558 _MG_6559 _MG_6560 _MG_6561 _MG_6562 _MG_6563 _MG_6564 _MG_6565 _MG_6566 _MG_6567 _MG_6568 _MG_6570 _MG_6571 _MG_6572 _MG_6573 _MG_6574 _MG_6575 _MG_6577 _MG_6578 _MG_6579 _MG_6580 _MG_6581 _MG_6582