December 14, 2019

The Northwest's Largest Indoor Car Show & Swapmeet


Written by Mike Tolliver Photos by Mike Tolliver

Rain doesn’t stop the NorthWest

Its 6:03am and I’m at the computer getting ready for the day and SpringFling. Vans packed full of goodies to for the day like Hoodies, shirts, lanyard and lots of stickers. The forecast for the day, not as nice as it has been for the last few weeks, but that will not stop the VW crowd. Since I live not too far from Issaquah it’s a short jump down SR900 to Gilman. I stop in a local Starbucks, and of course parked is a few buses. I assume it’s a quick coffee stop for all of us. Back in the Van and down Gilman I see a few rusty and shiny bugs and buses. As I cross Front Street there in the south parking lot is Death by VW clubs and few other clubs assembling. I pull in the lot and chat with a few Death by members and then drive into the RootBeer lot. I meet up with Dave and Kate. We decided that with the hard core rain we’ll drink our coffee while it’s hot then setup.


Nothing like dedicated VW people, despite the two inches it rained that afternoon is the bowl of Issaquah; people kept coming for the event, the people and the burgers. We registered a lot of folks for PNW Springmeet – Pre-register here 

Next event is PNW Springmeet April 26th at Bellevue College

Facebook for Clubs

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