July 13, 2020

The Northwest's Largest Indoor Car Show & Swapmeet

Nine years ago I created PNW Springmeet with the idea I must have VW event for my friends and I. I was lucky enough to be taken in by Rich, Mike, and Woody for several years at NWVW Club and I loved every minute of it. Along with Jay & Fish who taught me a lot. After NWVW Club moved the Puallyup to Enumclaw then ending Springmeet I knew I wanted to renew that Vw love. At the time I had two young kids, worked 50+ hrs a week at Microsoft as a vendor and not a dime to my name. I chatted with the old-timers and got a nod to do something. I had a buddy that got me the location at Dirtfish and bluffed my way into a favorable contract where I didn’t have to pay a dime till after the event. I hustled a DJ job to make enough to cover event insurance. I maxed out a credit card for 50 shirts and few hoodies and made a reborn Springmeet. We set up an old cold building and it snowed that night at the venue and I thought I just lost everything and more. I went to the bathroom and threw up and went to bed. The next day we went to the sawmill and saw hundreds in line. There were six or seven of us to run the whole show. It wasn’t perfect but it happened. Afterward, we went to dinner to celebrate my birthday since we put everything into doing this event. That was my first professional event and the start to this current chapter in my life. We’ll continue with our new VW SummerJam but for now, Springmeet is over. There are a few lost souls that made this hard for the last few years, but the hundreds of smiles kept it warm in my heart. Early this week close friends and my team of crackerjack event friends said kill it and love the memories. It’s hard to do what you love as a job, you wanna keep dreams alive and please so many but the reality is that time is not something you can create or waste. So for once I’ll drive one my VW’s to an event and see friends and VW family and enjoy the time. See ya in June Sun. :) -mike tolliver