August 7, 2020

The Northwest's Largest Indoor Car Show & Swapmeet


Vintage Meet 2015

 Words and pictures by Mike Tolliver

Wow, sometimes life just works out. This was the first year in a few years that I could go to Vintage Meet in Shoreline. With Life aligning I was able to load up and take a SpringMeet booth to Vintage. It was another early morning as I cruised up 405 North over 520 to see the new bridge and then onto I-5 North. As I joined I-5 I was greeted by Kahiko Kula VW club driving up I-5. As far as I could see was a line of VW’s driving hard up the I-5. I tried to snap a few great pictures but none of them turned out.

As I pulled into Shoreline College I get met with smiling faces and directions to the field for swap. Pull in with all the greasy rusty parts swappers and us. Lucky I was next to JT and Ronnie so I had a little help getting the tent setup. I love getting a chance to get feedback and hear stories about life, cars and events.

I was lucky to snap a few pictures of the event.

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